Musicians – Ghosts of the Track

Exploding onto the scene from the mountains and coasts of California featuring a new brand of Progressive Folk Rock Blues comes Ghosts of the Track, The New California Sound.
Ghosts of the Track songs are stories of the truths of life with emotional melodies and catchy hooks. The ultimate experience with The Backwoods and The California Coast. The songs make the listeners feel like they’ve heard the music their whole lives, touching their most inner feelings, causing them to experience the music in a deeper way.

Steven James – The Trainman, (Guitars, Harmonica, Resonator, Vocals, Percussion, Keys, Jaw Harps, Producer, Engineer, & Sound) Having played up and down the coast of California, in Las Vegas and Japan, Steven James has worked with such names as Kim Fowley (Talked about in the movie “The Runaways”), and had a rare opportunity to play with Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix’s drummer for a brief time), & The Electric Boys. He has also done engineer & mastering work for the band, “The Monroes,” who had a hit song with “What Do All The People Know.”

Koryun Bobikyan – KORE (Drums, Violin, Percussion & Writing Partner) Classically trained and playing violin since the age of 4, Kore is an Armenian born virtuoso. Having performed concert tours in many countries with bands such as The Kings’ Cross, Empiray, and Stryfe, one of Kore’s highlights is performing in the framework of a joint concert with Ian Gillan and the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia.

Martin Lee Black – McFly (Bass Guitars, Vocals, Writing Partner) Having played on both coasts and many places in between with bands such as Tempest and Brontosaurus, Martin brings a love for progressive rock to the band (especially Rush & Yes). “Songwriting is something that is alive that I have found again. Like an old friend.”

Jay Berger – The Bird Man (Jay ‘Bird’ Berger, Guitars, Percussion & Writing Partner) A lefty that plays right couldn’t be sweeter for Ghosts of the Track. The Birdman has an uncanny ability to walk into a room and come up with incredible hooks. A great “Bluesman,” Jay has been playing and writing with Steven James for many years and now is taking part in the words process.

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